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In 2007, Dr. Barry Rock and Phil Browne partnered with Patxi Pastor and his Celebration Of The Sea Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, to create World Ocean Watch (WOW). WOW used the Forest Watch model to introduce K-12 students and the general public to the critical relationships that exist between human society, marine and other coastal ecosystems as we move into the era of global climate change. We are all pleased to be working together again to advance K-12 STEAM education.


Future of SOS – The Search Begins

Phil Browne and Barry Rock are retired and in their 70’s. As such, they are not interested in full time employment in SOS – only to serve, along with many of the original SOS Team members, as advisors in the development and implementation of the SOS – Success On STEAM activities and in the SOS reforestation efforts. So we are sending out another SOS – If you are:

  1. A Masters or PhD level scientist interested in working with K-12 schools in developing and implementing a STEAM curriculum with its principal focus on plants,
  2. A Pre-Service (student) Teacher Training Program in a college or university,
  3. A retired Educator or STEAM Professional interested in volunteering as a Docent to support K-12 field and lab work,
  4. An administrator who would like to see K-12 STEAM education become the focus for all students in our nation.

Then please reach out to us at info@sos-steam.org with your personal and professional information. We will keep it on file until we have secured funding and are ready to launch SOS- Success On STEAM.


How You All Can Help – Reach out to SOS at info@sos-steam.org

  1. Celebration Of The Sea Foundation is a 501c3 corporation and can accept tax deductible donations in the name of SOS-Success On STEAM.
  2. If you are an individual you can contribute funding, and/or be trained as a “Citizen Scientist” in the skills and knowledge required to become an active SOS docent/trainer on school field and lab days.
  3. If you represent a business, corporation or foundation we will work with you to develop and incorporate activities that will become a part of SOS that will highlight your commitment to education and the environment, and, if desired, your personnel can be trained as SOS docents.
Citizen Scientist

Thanks for sharing the SOS site with all your family, friends and associates. Respectfully, Phil, Barry and of course the Trees.

Oh and one more thing! Future generations of our Earth’s species would appreciate your sharing our website information with your family, friends, community and business associates.
Thanks, Phil Browne and Dr. Barry Rock

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